Do you love history, archaeology, fashion or leather? Whether you have experience to offer or would like to learn some new skills, whether you’re an aspiring blogger or photographer, whether you’re interested in administration or DIY … we want you! The gift of your time is of great value to us. At the NLC there is a project for everyone, no matter your skill or experience level. So if you have some time to spare, and think you would be interested in working with a nationally important collection, please get in touch by completing the contact form below.

Here are just some of the exciting new projects for which we are currently recruiting volunteers …

Archiving & Digitising

We have a large paper archive here at the National Leather Collection, including excavation reports, research, and archives. At the moment, we are particularly focusing on the Oliver Baker archives and the Dickens Brothers Ltd. archive, a recently closed factory that has been making bespoke leather products in Northampton since 1897. We would like to digitise these archives so that they can be viewed online. A volunteer is needed to photograph or scan each page with the goal of an online reading platform being created and maintained.


We are always actively researching into our objects in order to understand the full significance of each item, no matter how big or small. Whether you have a particular academic/personal interest, or would just like the challenge of researching into a random artefact, come and get hands on with our collection! The aim of this project is to draw public and academic attention to our most significant artefacts, and we would love for volunteers to research items and provide material for blogs, or even write up their findings themselves.

Assistant Editor

The NLC is looking to start a monthly newsletter to send out to a mailing list of interested affiliates, visitors, friends, etc. The newsletter would be digital, in a PDF format, and would be sent out via subscription to our mailing list, or available as a download on our website. We are looking for an assistant editor to work with a member of our team to select content for the newsletter, and help with the editing and design process. No editing experience is necessary, but an interest in writing or design would be an advantage.


Whether you are a keen photographer or a ‘professional’ Instagram’er, we need your help! We are always looking for people to help us take photos, whether it be for blogs, social media, events or simple ‘museum shots’ of the collection. You do not need to be a professional, or own any fancy equipment. One of the photography projects were are looking to kickstart is an Instagram series, one photo per day for a year. We would like to prepare a bank of photographs to use, and draft the posts all ready to go live.


We are recruiting guest writers for the National Leather Collection blog, with the aim of having enough content to post at least once a week. We have a weekly ‘Spotlight On …’ feature, which focuses on telling the story of a star item each week, using research and images to show off our collection to our readers. We are also looking for fashion bloggers to write about some of our fur and clothing items, but welcome pieces on any topic to do with leather or our museum.

Interested? Please fill in your details below.