5th – 8th March, 10am – 4pm: National Leather Collection.

What does the term ‘civilisation’ mean to you?

This is the question asked of us by the BBC Civilisations festival.

In Spring 2018 the BBC will launch Civilisations, a nine-part television series, on BBC 2. In celebration of Kenneth Clark’s iconic 1969 series, it will explore how the arts, architecture and philosophy hold the key to understanding ourselves.

For us, there was only one answer to the question.

Civilisation is leather.

It was only natural that the National Leather Collection should be involved in this exciting celebration of arts and humanities. Our museum has a collection of 10,000 objects, spanning two millennia, which tell the world story of leather from prehistory to present day. The items vary from artefacts of religious and cultural significance, to art and fashion pieces. All tell tales of different civilisations and demonstrate different concepts of civility.

The National Leather Collection will be hosting an exhibition celebrating humankind’s relationship with leather. Come and explore the history of this incredible material, as the museum showcases everything from Egyptian shoes and Theban underpants to royal trunks and high-fashion.

You can find our event listed on Museum Crush.