The National Leather Collection

The National Leather Collection was founded as the Museum of Leather Craft in London 1946. With the combined support of Industry and the London Livery Companies, we care for one of the largest collection of items and information relating to Leather in the world. Now based in the heart of the UK’s leather and footwear industry, Northampton, we are delighted to be sharing our treasures with the public once again.

Established in 1946

The Museum of Leather Craft was set up by Leather Industry and Livery company representatives to be the national repository for items and information on the topic of leather. We are arguably the largest and most diverse resource on the subject of Leather in the world – with a collection of over 5000 unique items and library of over 3000 volumes on the subject. We actively acquire new items and are currently developing an oral archive – recording the voices and recollections of those involved with the industry both past and present.

The Museum of Leather Craft is the result of John Waterer’s good work. The debt of gratitude for leaving us with such a remarkable collection, such rich and engaging stories about man’s endeavours with leather, is enormous. We owe it to him to continue where he left off, to collect, talk about and inspire present and future generations with the simple fact ‘there is nothing like leather’.

We’re a well-kept secret …