Crafters and makers looking for studio space in Northampton.

Talks are underway for a leather/craft business incubator hub to open in Northampton, the heart of the United Kingdom’s shoe and leather industry.

Award-winning social enterprise, Cockpit Arts, are currently based in Holborn and Deptford. They are looking to expand their creative business hub to makers outside of London, due to high rents and limited space in the city. After opening a brand new hub in Deptford in October 2017, it is envisaged that a similar model can be implemented in Northampton.

It will be based at the National Leather Collection in the Grosvenor Centre, where space is plentiful and further expansion is planned for the future.

This exciting collaboration between the National Leather Collection, UK Leather, the Institute for Creative Leather Technology, The Leathersellers’ Company and the Leather Conservation Centre is a move towards connecting, promoting and supporting the British leather industry of the future.

We are calling on all crafters and makers! Can we work together to get the word out to anyone that may be interested in starting up a creative business or growing an existing enterprise? We’re offering affordable overheads, a central location and access to business mentoring. Tell a friend, share with a neighbour, or even point a customer in the right direction!

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